The Co-Operative Energy

The Co-Operative Energy

For over 165 years The Co-operative have been making the world fairer for its members, customers and suppliers by providing everyday services at fair prices. For them it is not about money and profits, it’s about being a responsible, ethical business that is committed to making a positive impact on climate change.

Co-operative energy is different to other energy suppliers. As a co-operative its customers have a say in how the society is run and where the supplied energy comes from. Their aim is to be completely clear and transparent, with a focus on its members, customer and sustainability. The Co-Op is run on four values; democracy, openness equality, and social responsibility. Co-operative Energy customers are also rewarded annually with a proportional share of the profits based on their spend levels.

Co-operative Energy are committed to a sustainable world and have an ambition to obtain 75% of their energy from renewable sources within the next three years. They have even ceased obtaining energy generated from coal fired power stations. Their aim is to provide the fairest, most uncomplicated and transparent costs and service possible.

Co-operative Energy are committed to tackling climate change. They do this in three ways:

1. actively support community energy generation and provide market access for their output by purchasing their electricity. In addition future purchases of energy will not have coal generation in the portfolio to reduce our carbon footprint.

At the Co-operative 'Energy Hub', customers can choose for themselves where their electricity is sourced from and (in many instances) the precise renewables project they prefer.

2. They adopt energy-efficient practices throughout the Co-Operative Energy trading groups

3. They help you to save energy and give lots of helpful tips on how to lead a lower carbon life.

Benefits of getting your energy from Co-operative Energy:

• Committed to tackling climate change and obtaining 75% of their energy from renewable sources within three years
• Co-operative Energy Hub
• Clear and transparent offering
• Fixed monthly Direct Debit
• Customers have a choice in how the company is run and how the energy is obtained
• UK customer service

Saving money on your home energy bill is easy! It takes just seconds to enter your home postcode in to the calculator to start the process. We’ll then ask you a few questions about your home energy usage so we can show you all the gas and electricity deals available for your home. You can then choose from the list of supplier tariffs and choose to switch online or over the phone. It’s that easy!

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