Smart Meters

The UK Government wants us all to have smart gas and electric meters by 2020. So you might be asking what a smart meter does, if you really need one and how to get one.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter measures your energy usage in real time and sends your meter readings automatically to your provider. It shows you at home how much you are spending on gas or electric so you don’t get a surprise on your bill. As meter readings are sent every month you won’t get an estimated bill anymore and you won’t have to submit meter readings yourself.

Do I need one?

Smart meters are not compulsory but using one can help remove the shock of a high bill, ensure you only get charged for what you use, can make it easier to top up if you are on a prepay meter and there is no cost to you for supplying or running the new equipment.

How can I get a smart meter?

Start by contacting your current energy supplier. There are over 26 million households due for upgrade and they’ll be able to give you more information on where you are in the queue. Registering your interest might even get you one quicker!

If you want more info check out the Smart Energy GB roll out site -

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