Ecotricity was the UK’s and indeed the World’s first green electricity company when it started in 1996, ushering in the global green electricity movement. Their mission is to change the way electricity is made and used in Britain.

In 2010 Ecotricity introduced Green Gas to the UK and developed the business in to a Green Energy company, generating their own gas and feeding that in to the National Grid.

Proceeds from Ecotricity’s energy bills are put to use in funding the build of new sources of green energy and this is where all of their profits are focused. There are no shareholders and each year.

In their pursuit of their green energy vision, Ecotricity spend more per customer on new sources of green energy than any other UK energy supplier and have even built their own electric supercar and demonstrated how cars of the future could be powered by the wind. They have even developed an Electric Highway for charging electric cars through a network of charging stations – pioneering the way that green technology and energy can be harnessed for a sustainable energy Green Britain.

Ecotricity’s fuel mix for the period April 2014 to March 2015 was 100% renewable energy comprising of 21.86% landfill gas, 23.66% hydro, 43.61% onshore wind, 5.97% solar and 4.9% offshore wind.

Benefits of getting your energy from Ecotricity:

• The Greenest energy in Britain
• Award-winning customer service
• One simple tariff for gas.
• One simple tariff for electricity
• Ethical pricing policy
• 100% green electricity
• 5% of gas supplied is green and frack free
• Online account management

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